Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable product made from a patented blend of deoxycholic acid and organic ingredients designed to address

excess fat deposits beneath the chin, which is frequently referred to as a “double chin” and known medically as submental fat. Deoxycholic acid already exists naturally in your body, and its role is to aid in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. This ability is what allows Kybella® to eliminate unwanted chin fat without forcing you to endure the discomfort, risks and long recovery times that come with plastic surgery.

Many people struggle with a double chin because the area does not respond easily to exercise or diet. Genetics and the structure of your face can also make you more likely to have a double chin, and in this case, no amount of exercise, skin care or dieting will prevent or minimize it. In addition, aging can also cause or worsen a double chin. Skin becomes looser with age, causing it to sag. The body’s tendency to store fat and hold onto it stubbornly also increases with age. Fortunately, Kybella® offers a solution to this common issue that affects the lives of millions of men and women.

Why Have Kybella®?

There are many reasons to consider Kybella® treatment to remove extra fat below the chin, commonly known as a “double chin”:

  • The procedure is fast and simple, and no anesthesia is required.
  • It can improve the contours of your face, helping you look slimmer and more youthful.
  • It has a high rate of satisfaction among patients.
  • No recovery time is necessary after the procedure.
  • Results are considered permanent.

What to Expect in a Consultation

You will be evaluated to determine the extent of your double chin, listen to your goals for the procedure, address any questions or concerns you might have and determine if you would be an ideal candidate.

Prior to the procedure, your face will be cleaned and a topical numbing agent will be applied to your skin if you desire it.  However, many patients do not find the topical anesthetic to be necessary. Your provider will then strategically inject carefully measured amounts of Kybella® to guarantee consistent, natural-looking results. This can all be done in as little as half an hour.

Candidates for Kybella®

Most people who are unhappy with submental fat and want to reduce the appearance of their double chin will be good candidates for treatment with Kybella®. Candidates should be in good physical and mental health, have realistic expectations for the treatment and possess a good understanding of how the procedure works. Men and women of any age, skin type or ethnicity can receive Kybella® treatment. The only people who should not receive Kybella® include women who are breastfeeding or pregnant and people who have bleeding disorders or active infections. Furthermore, people who have accumulated scar tissue or excessive skin beneath the chin may not be suitable candidates for the procedure.

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How long will the procedure last?

Most treatments with Kybella® take between 15 and 30 minutes and can be performed over a typical lunch break. After preparing the treatment area, the appropriate amount of Kybella® will be injected into the tissue beneath your chin. Most patients will notice results from Kybella® after two to four sessions. In some cases, patients may require up to six treatments to achieve their desired results. These are usually spaced about one month apart, and your appointments can be structured to fit your personal lifestyle.

What can I expect after the procedure?

You won’t have to take time away from your life to recover from your Kybella® treatment, however, after Kybella®, you will likely have swelling along with some bruising, or numbness under your chin which should disappear within a few days.  You can resume your routine activities right away, including your exercise regimen.  Although Kybella® can provide dramatic results; you will not notice them right away.  The majority of people will start seeing results after their first two sessions.  Further results will become noticeable in the following months as submental fat breaks down and is absorbed.  The fat that is eliminated by Kybella® won’t come back. Once it’s gone, it stays that way.  You can expect the results to be permanent.

Are There Risks?

Although serious side effects after Kybella® treatment are extremely rare, there is always at least some risk involved as with any other treatment.  Be sure to inform your healthcare professional if you develop an uneven smile, facial muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing or injection site problems such as bruising, hair loss, open sores (ulcers), and damage and tissue cell-death (necrosis) around the injection site.  Call your healthcare provider if you develop open sores or drainage from the treatment area.