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What is Juvederm?

What is Volbella?

volbella-adJuvederm Volbella is an injectable filler based on hyaluronic acid (HA) that provides a desirable improvement in the lip contour, boosting volume, smoothing vertical creases (smoker’s lines), and achieving symmetry – all in a single comfortable treatment.  Volbella lip injections are recommended for smoother, softer consistency that mimics the natural feel of your lips for a longer time.

Volbella is excellent helping to:

  • Diminish vertical lip lines (a.k.a. smoker’s lines)
  • Accentuate the border of your lips
  • Plump up your lips to make them fuller
  • Enhance the cupid’s bow (the “M” part of your mid-upper lip)

Developed using Allergan’s proprietary Vycross technolog is formulated with an innovative combination of low and high molecular weight technology, which improves the cross-linking efficiency of HA chains. This unique technology allows the product to absorb less water, resulting in considerably reduced swelling compared to more traditional fillers. Not only is there less downtime, the treatment itself is made as pain free as possible by the built-in lidocaine anaesthetic. Results are commonly seen to last up to twelve months.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Arnica is to be taken the day before your appointment (a couple of doses) and the morning of your appointment, we have found that there is much less bruising and swelling even with lip injections, thus a more favorable outcome with less down time! Arnica is a naturopathic anti-inflammatory that helps with swelling and bruising. It can be purchased at Sprouts, Whole Foods, any Vitamin Shop like Hi Health. We also sell Arnica at Cosmos Medspa for only $7.

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